One of the Signature Cocktails at Urbain 40

Urbain 40’s Fabulous New Menu & New Chef Celebrate Wonderful Flavors

Urbain 40, the American Brassiere and Lounge, complete with a 40s ambiance throughout, focuses on American cuisine, but keeps French touches on its new menu. French classics will remain on the menu, although the revamped menu is focused more on American Cuisine. That being said, What is American Cuisine? America is a melting pot most certainly, and that is what Chef Tim Keating celebrates in his delicious and exciting new menu. The menu is varied – with Asian flavors, more varieties of Fish, and Chef Tim is keen to bring seasonality into the menu. Hence, the menu will change with the seasons.

Chef Tim brings with him years of experience, which were showcased throughout the meal. Chef Tim Keating is a Four-Time James Beard Award Nominee/Finalist, and the Director of Culinary Operations of the Boulevard Restaurant Group. For Chef Tim, there is a big emphasis on relationships – farmers, ranchers, and fisherman. The goal is getting fresh ingredients as quickly as possible. As Chef Tim emphasized – it’s about the flavors which will be showcased with the changes made seasonally. That being said, never fear ‘creatures of habit’, the favorite dishes on Urbain 40’s menu will still be available. However, some things will be reinvented. Chef Tim said that they are looking forward to more diversity with the flavors, but not at the expense of customers’ favorites. They will keep the dishes that people love. There’s no intention on dropping what works, and that is a key component of a successful restaurant like Urbain 40 – listening to customers.

First Course

For our first course, we divulged in a Rock Shrimp & Cape Bay Scallop Ceviche “Cocktail”, and a Crispy Jonah Crab Cake. Due to the vastness of the meal, we were provided smaller portions so that we could sample each dish. As a result, please note that the portion sizes will be much larger, and that our photographs do not reflect the actual size or portion of the dish.

The Rock Shrimp & Cape Bay Scallop Ceviche “Cocktail” with Radishes, Cucumbers, Palm Hearts, Peppadew Peppers, Citrus & Tequila Accentuations was fresh and lively. The Ceviche possessed a subtle hint of tequila, which was nice but not overwhelming. The Ceviche “Cocktail” was presented in a Margarita Glass, which happens to be glass that is blown in Mexico.

The Crispy Jonah Crab Cake was accompanied with a Savory Slaw, Sauce Verde, and Piquant Mango-Pepper Coulis. The Sauce Verde is Sicilian in nature. There are no hard Herbs present in the Sauce Verde. Rather Basil, Mint, Tarragon are present, accompanied by ground up Anchovies and Lemon Juice, with a finish similar to an Aioli.

Chef Tim mentioned that his team focuses on sustainable products. The Crab hails from Maine rather than Indonesia, where a majority of the Crab farmed presents a danger to the mangroves.  In addition, Urbain 40 only uses wild Shrimp. Urbain 40 alternates between Rock Shrimp and Royal Red Shrimp.

Pasta Course

In the Liguria Region of Italy, wherein lies such treasures as Cinque Terre, the pasta is traditionally fat & little – reminiscent of a dumpling. The Ligurian Pasta dish we enjoyed was Trofie Di Abruzzo. Twisted Ligurian-Style Pasta Dumplings arrived in a blend of Duck Confit & Duck Sausage with Wilted Rhapini & Alba Mushrooms. These bitter Greens were the ideal partner of the sweet flavor of Duck. Pecorino from Sheep’s Milk dazzled the top of the dish. This was paired with fried Leeks on the top as well – perfecting that sweet, bitter, and salty taste. Remember, as Chef Tim emphasized – we’re here for the flavors.

Chef’s Specialty from the Sea

The Plat du Jour was the Lemon Myrtle Dusted Gulf Swordfish & Slow-Braised Heritage Chesire Pork Belly, with Zellwood Corn Pudding, Varietal Mushrooms, Asparagus, & Young Turnips. The Pork Belly is cured 24 hours in Salt. Afterwards the Pork Belly undergoes another 48 hour process to create its sublime taste. The Zellwood Corn Pudding, a rich Polenta, accompanies the delicious Swordfish & Pork Belly well. Again, Urbain 40 purchases as much as possible from local sources.

Chef’s Specialty from the Land

The “Char-Crusted” Angus NY Striploin accompanied by Truffled Pomme Frites & Sauce Foyot was a favorite. Here, we had fine Angus Beef “Char-Crusted” in a to-die-for Original Hickory Rub with Bearnaise and Peppercorn Sauce. The Truffled Pomme Frites were a gorgeous addition.

Trio of Urbain 40 Dessert Specialities 

The Trio Urbain 40 Dessert Specialities by Pastry Chef Extraodinaire Amanda McFall included Lemon Meringue Tart, Sinful Chocolate & Peanut Butter Creation, and Tropical Sundae Deluxe. The Lemon Meringue Tart with Blueberry Lavender Sorbet, Poppy Seed Cream, & Florida Blueberries was a light but sweet dessert.

Sinful Chocolate & Peanut Butter Creation with Layers of Dark & Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crème, Dark Chocolate Sorbet, & Fresh Raspberries is perfect for those who enjoy a rich dessert.

Ideal for summertime, or any tropical climate, the Tropical Sundae Deluxe consists of Toasted Coconut Gelato, Rum-Soaked Angel Food Cake, Sauce Caramel & Pink Peppercorn-Spiced Pineapple.

Urbain 40 celebrates wonderful flavors, and Chef Tim Keating’s leadership ensures an incredible dining experience for all. Thank you for hosting us.

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