At some point in all of our lives we have felt like an outsider, like no one will ever accept us for who we are. We have all experienced that constant struggle between conforming to societal norms and the desire to fully express oneself. This year at The Studio Theatre™ we will look closely at all the wonderful things that make us different. But I hope that what we’ll find is that those differences are the very things that bind us all together as human beings. We have selected four stories that share a common theme of searching for your true individuality. These stories will delve deeply into the experiences of those who feel that who they truly are will not be accepted by society. In Season Three we are having a party, a party of differences. Announcing The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol’s Third Season: “Individuality: Celebrate the Difference.”—Whitney Morse, Artistic Director



All dates and plays are subject to change.

Music and lyrics by Neil Bartram and book by Brian Hill

Write What You Know.

Thomas, a successful author is tasked to write the eulogy of his lifelong friend
Alvin. Delving deep into the recesses of his mind, Thomas finds himself staring at a notebook of empty pages. Sifting through thousands of memories with his inspiring and eccentric friend, Thomas celebrates a lifetime of love, devotion, and friendship. Guided by Alvin we see their complicated relationship and the influence it had on making Thomas’ dreams a reality. This intimate two-person musical celebrates the balance necessary for a lasting friendship and the consequences when life gets in the way.

DATES: Preview: Sept. 25-27, 2018 | Opening: 9-28-18 | Closing: 11-4-18
Tickets: $20 for previews | $40 for performances

By Diana Son

Timing is Everything.

Urgency meets perfect timing when Callie and Sara form an unlikely friendship in New York City. Follow them as they discover themselves individually and together in Diana Son’s non-linear story of human relationships, culture, and romance. Stop Kiss asks the question how well do you know yourself, and what challenges will you endure when you open the door to possibility?

DATES: Preview: Nov 27-29, 2018 | Opening: 11-30-18 | Closing: 12-30-18
Tickets: $15 for previews | $35 for performances

Music by Barbara Anselmi, book and lyrics by Brian Hargrove

What gets altered on the way to the altar.

This riotous musical comedy, full of secrets, family drama, plot twists and surprise will make you want to catch the bouquet! Lift the veil and go behind the scenes of a Jewish bride and Catholic groom’s wedding day. This wedding comes complete with an intruding ex-boyfriend, a secret pre-nup, a panini press, and drunk Aunt Sheila!- What could go wrong?

DATES: Preview: Jan 15-17, 2019 | Opening: 1-18-19 | Closing: 2-24-19
Tickets: $20 for previews | $40 for performances

By Henrik Ibsen | Translated by Christopher Hampton

140 years later and the house still stands.

Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 masterpiece about Nora and Torvald Helmer’s fragile marriage was a watershed moment in both theatre and feminism. As Christmas Eve approaches and purse strings tighten; the Helmer’s discover that the façade of their perfect lives will crumble with the stroke of a pen. Seemingly carefree Nora must face the consequences of her darkest secret and the lies she told to save her husband’s life.

DATES: Preview: March 19-21, 2019 | Opening: 3-22-19 | Closing: 4-28-19
Tickets: $15 for previews | $35 for performances


The Studio Theatre is an extension of The Sharon® L. Morse Performing Arts Center, located in The Spanish Springs Town Square®, in The Villages® community. The Studio Theatre is led by Producer Jason Goedken and Artistic Director Whitney Morse. Trevin Cooper serves as Resident Director, with Scenic Designer, Kenneth Constant; Lighting Designer, Weston Corey; Production Manager, Danielle Paccione, and Gary Powell as Resident Music Director.


For each performance The Studio Theatre’s doors open thirty minutes before curtain. All dates and plays are subject to change. More information about The Studio Theatre’s third season is available online:.


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The Studio Theatre’s Mission is to inspire the residents of Central Florida to examine relevant issues by elevating them through innovative and intimate storytelling. Think outside the box, inside the box.