The Orlando Museum of Art is thrilled to announce its 20th anniversary season of 1st Thursdays. Presented by the Associates of the Orlando Museum of Art (OMA), 1st Thursdays parties are held on the first Thursday of every month from 6-9pm. 1st Thursdays is presented as an opportunity for the Central Florida area to discover local artists, enjoy live music, and socialize with a diverse group of people. There are cash bars serving wine, beer and soft drinks as well as delicious food from area restaurants. Admission for 1st Thursdays is $15. OMA Members are always FREE. The Season Sponsors are Sam Flax and Publix Super Markets Charities. The Contributing Sponsor is Hunter Vision. Monthly Sponsors include Celebrity Cruise & Go Travel, UCF College of Arts and Humanities, and Orlando Health.

Artists are invited to submit art to be featured at 1st Thursdays exhibitions. Submissions can be completed on the museum’s website. Each party features a specific theme that is made to be the inspiration for that month’s artwork. The 2019-2020 season will be OMA’s most exciting year to date with a variety of themes that the Central Florida community can enjoy. The themes this year are as follows:

Artistically Yours—Twenty Years of 1st Thursdays
August 1, 2019

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of 1st Thursdays, we invite ALL artists to submit works on any subject you choose. We want to present your best and brightest works in honor of great effort which thousands of artists and volunteers have given over two decades to make 1st Thursdays Orlando’s longest-lasting and best-loved local art party! All forms of media are encouraged.

Eclectic Knights
September 5, 2019

The 11th annual show celebrating visual arts at UCF’s College of Arts and Humanities. This Knight of Art will feature works by UCF alumni, faculty, staff and students in a variety of media. Please Note: You must be alumni, staff or current student to submit. All media and subject matter are encouraged.
Deadline for entry Sunday, August 18

Hollywood Horror!
October 3, 2019

In homage to Hollywood’s classic horror films and notable characters, artist works will interpret films from the Golden Age of horror moving forward to present day and can include characters, psychological thrillers, Gothic themes, supernatural, settings, architecture, mood and modern characters influenced by the classics. All media encouraged: sculpture, photography, paintings, drawings, digital, animation, textiles, and jewelry.
Deadline for entry Sunday, September 15

Without Borders
November 7, 2019

Advancements in transportation and technology have made the world a “smaller place.” Modern society has far greater awareness and access to the world beyond their home towns and cities than ever before. Whether your interaction with the world has come through physical visits, online exploration, pictures, books or stories, you are welcome to share your interpretations of a world with increasingly fewer borders, and the places, cultures and experiences connected to it.
Deadline for entry Sunday, October 20th, 2019

Art to Live With (a.k.a. Art Under $200)
December 5, 2019

This show celebrates the holidays by presenting works that can be purchased at the reasonable price of $200 or less. Artists are invited to submits works that will make great gifts during this joyful season.
Deadline for entry Sunday, November 17th, 2019

January—No event due to New Year’s Holidays

Health and Wellness
February 6, 2020

Human awareness of what is required to obtain and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has advanced greatly in the last fifty years. Exercise, diet, counseling, outdoor activity, me-time, adequate rest and relaxation, spiritual and meditative activities, experiences that heal nurture the body, mind and soul—among other things—have joined the once-yearly visit to the doctor as standard activities that promote well-being. Create pieces inspired by what you and others do—or wish you were doing—to be healthy, happy and whole. All forms of media are encouraged.
Deadline for entry Sunday, January 19

Feminine Vision
March 5, 2020

How do you experience feminine energy? Creativity, sensitivity, openness, caring, intuition, movement, flow, receptivity and change are some of the elements associated with feminine energy. The senses—taste, touch, sight, sound and smell—are others. Feminine energy is also associated with water and the natural world. What does it mean to be feminine? The earth has been called a “mother” as have significant women throughout the world’s spiritual and religious history. Please submit your interpretations of feminine energy. All mediums are welcome.
Deadline for entry Sunday, February 16

Artist’s Choice, Best of the Arts Registry
April 2, 2020

Florida artists who are members of are invited to submit works that showcase their favorite subjects in any style or theme. It’s the artist’s choice. is an online community of artists who have found that by joining together they can maximize their public exposure and connect with galleries and collectors. This show seeks to present the best works from local members of this talented group of artists.
Deadline for entry Sunday, March 15

Art on the Fringe
May 7, 2020

Celebrating with our friends the Orlando Fringe Festival in their 28th season, we are asking artists to submit their visions of nontraditional art. Your interpretation of art on the fringe can range from unconventional styles, subject matter and themes to unusual media and materials. We invite you to submit your curious, unusual, abnormal, offbeat, irreverent, odd, otherworldly, surrealistic, extraordinary works for this fantastical art bazaar.
Deadline for entry Sunday, April 19

Slinging Ink
June 4, 2020

Tattoos are a big part of modern popular culture. According to recent surveys, over 36% of Americans ages 18-25 have at least one tattoo. Whether they know it or not, these people are walking canvases and tattoos are one stream of modern art. We invite artists (including tattoo artists) to submit works that are influenced by or connect to tattoo subject matter and styles for this fun summer show. Mom, sailors, pin up girls, lovers, ex-lovers, music, popular culture, and religion are just a few common tattoo themes. We also encourage see representations of major tattoo styles including: Traditional, Realism, Tribal, Watercolor, New School, Japanese, Blackwork, and Neo-Traditional. As noted: You do not have to be a tattoo artist to submit, but we welcome your submissions if you are. Tattoo sketchbook submissions will be considered for display as well. All forms of media are welcome.
Deadline for entry Sunday, May 17

Parking is free at the Orlando Loch Haven Cultural Park and overflow parking is available for $5 per vehicle at the Orlando Science Center parking garage. To learn more about 1st Thursdays, please visit the Museum’s website at If you would like to be more involved with 1st Thursdays and become an OMA Associate, visit