The Opal Sands Resort is a visual stunner. Hence, any bravado behind this beauty is certainly justified. This brand new hotel possesses a quality that is hard to beat on Clearwater Beach.


The lobby is opulent and fresh, with a beauteous winding staircase and soothing sea inspired colors throughout. There are games within the lobby, which add a fun element to the lobby by encouraging guest interaction with family and others. The pool deck is enticing. Akin to the balconies in all the rooms, the pool deck appears to be directly over the water. The pool is a Gulf Front Zero Entry Pool – complete with private cabanas, a hot tub, and live entertainment. Here, you can also enjoy food and drink at the Reflections Poolside Bar. The space at the Opal Sands is fabulously used. What we mean is that you may think the hotel only has the one deck for the pool, yet upon further inspection, you’ll see that there is an entirely different bar and eating area – complete with a sandy floor. This Tiki Bar, Sandbar, is nice for casual lunch and dinner. This separate section is steps away from the beach. More likely than not, you will be witnessing a small wedding in the distance on Clearwater Beach. After all, the Opal Sands is located near one of the prettiest and more secluded areas of Clearwater Beach. As many know, Clearwater Beach was rated the best beach in Florida.


The fitness center offers a view of the water. Don’t forget to book your Spa Appointment at the Opal Spa, which offers massage, skin care, body treatments, and salon services.

Opal Sands Resort_Pool

We are a big fan of Art, and it is no surprise that Art permeates the Opal Sands. It is apparent that the designer, Duncan Miller Ullman utilized decor inspired by “Clearwater’s brilliant opalescent beaches.”


All the rooms at the Opal Sands Resort face the water, showcasing how the Opal Sands Resort is a celebration of beautiful views of the water and sunsets.

Our Room


In our room at the Opal Sands Resort, it appeared that we were literally over the water. There is nothing in between you and your view of the water – no beach, no nothing.


The room is state of the art, and the design is ultra modern with a “beachy” feel. Above our bed was a large photograph of a school of silvery fish, and the room was complete with a comfortable seating area, as well as enough space for a table and chairs. The majority of the color scheme of the room is sea-inspired. This creates an soothing, beachy, almost aquatic atmosphere, which enhances the smooth flow from the room to your spectacular view. With colors that are reminiscent of the water right outside your window, there appears to be a continuous flow.


It is easy to see that the Opal Sands was created with intricate care, from the design of the rooms to the fact that each room offers an incredible view of the Gulf. Each room has flat screen televisions, spacious modern bathrooms, and wondrous bedding.


Of course, there are many perks to staying at the Opal Sands, which separates itself from other hotels. Within each hallway, there is a small guest pantry, packed with refrigerated bottle water, fruit, fresh cookies, and ice. Never underestimating the power of the “little things”, this premiere resort provides signature detail, which is experienced in everything from the guest pantry to the turn-down service.


Dining at Sea-Guini

During our stay at the Opal Sands Resort, we dined at the beautiful Sea-Guini. Of course, this playful name is appropriate given the Italian and Seafood dishes of the restaurant. Of course, you can always take the definition that the Opal Sands provides, “Sea-Guini: Fresh caught seafood, Italian inspired dishes.” Precisely.


At Sea-Guini, you may choose to dine in the lounge. We dined in the main restaurant, which is separated from lounge with a large and calming water feature. However, we find that both areas of the restaurant are visually pleasing, so if you decide to stop in without reservations and can’t get a table, we recommend dining in the lounge.

Opal Sands Resort_Sea-Guini

For our Insalata, we ordered the Burrata Caprese, with Sun-Ripened Heirloom Tomatoes, Torn Sweet Basil, Creamy Burrata Cheese, Balsamic Reduction, and Cold Pressed Olive Oil. We chose to add Prosciutto, which was a wonderful addition to both the flavor and texture of the Caprese.

Opal Sands Resort_Sea-Guini_Martini

For our Entrées, we chose the Old Country Pappardelle and the Rigatoni Bolognese. The wholesome Old Country Pappardelle with Rosemary Stewed Short Rib Ragu tossed with Pappardelle Pasta, Garden Tomatoes, Imported Pecorino Tuscano and Baby Arugula, was a hearty and rich dish that was reminiscent of a fresh cooked meal in Italy. The Rigatoni Bolognese, with House Recipe Butcher’s Block Meat simmered with San Marzano Tomatoes, Basil, Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes, is tossed with House Crafted Rigatoni and Sharp Sheep’s Cheese. The Rigantoni Bolognese is a perfect example of an authentic and robust Italian dish.

For Dessert, we enjoyed delightfully fresh Tiramasu with Espresso soaked Savoiardi Lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cheese, Coffee Liqueur, Cocoa Powder, and Shaved Chocolate. During our evening at Sea-Guini, we were well attended to by a sincere server named Alejandro who truly went out of his way.


Opal Sands Resort will take your breath away. Thank you for hosting us. When you look out at the view from the beginning to the end of your stay, your breath will be taken away time and time again.

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