Millenia 106 is a celebration of fresh, locally sourced food from a Chef who is innovative and creative. Millenia 106 celebrates new American cuisine, and what is fresh in season. Seafood is big here. They say where you come from never truly leaves you, and that’s probably why Chef Bruno consistently provides fresh ingredients. He grew up across from the ocean in Brazil, and watched the fishermen arrive daily with their fresh catch. His family purchased this fresh fish along with other local ingredients, and a Chef was born. In Central Florida, Chef Bruno has a personal relationship with seafood purveyors who call him from the docks, and a great relationship with local farmers from around Central Florida as well. With an open kitchen, warm lighting, and great music, Millenia 106 needs to be the next stop on your night out.

Millenia 106 boasts around 90% Florida Beer, Boutique Wine, and of course – Craft Cocktails. To begin, we enjoyed some Craft Cocktails. Josh, the kind bartender, helped us decide on our drinks. We chose “The Last Cask” and “Crisis Averted”. “The Last Cask”, composed of Blackwell Rum, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Blueberry, Lime, and Gingerbeer was a treat. “Crisis Averted”, aptly named, was just what the Doctor ordered – Bombay, Pimm’s Vida, Grapefruit, Vanilla, and Sugar.

We started our evening with the 106 Salad, a delightful mélange of Garden Greens, Tomato, Spiced Carrots, Roasted Beets, and Herb Soil, topped with a lovely Orange Sherry Vinaigrette brought over by our friendly server Kiara. The 106 Salad is far more than your average salad, and this was noticeable in the details. Firstly, the Tomatoes were roasted, then chilled. Rather than your standard Croutons, Herb Soil was used. The Herb Soil was akin to a ground-up version of a Crouton. Lastly, the freshness of the ingredients was apparent. The Greens hailed from Sugar Top Farms on Sugarloaf Mountain from nearby Clermont.

We also enjoyed two “Table Snacks” prior to our Mains, which included Raw Oysters and Spread. These East Coast Raw Oysters, with Watermelon Mignotte, were delicious. We discussed the difference between East and West Coast Oysters with Chef Bruno. Chef Bruno expanded upon the fact that East Coast Oysters tend to be more brinier, whereas West Coast Oysters possess more mineral notes.

The Spread consisted of Chicken Liver Mousse, Pickle Du Jour, and Toast, which is a great Starter. A light Onion Jam encased the top of the Chicken Liver Mousse. This created a wonderful flavor balance. The Radishes for the Pickle Du Jour were another ingredient from local Sugar Top Farms in Clermont. Millenia 106 also proudly uses a local baker in Winter Garden.

For our Main Course, we were spoiled with the Steak & Egg and the Flounder. The Steak & Egg was a Grilled Hanger Steak and Arzak Egg accompanied with Confit Potatoes, Greens, and 106 Sauce. Here, the Steak was accompanied fantastically with the Arzak Egg, creating a flavorful force and hearty combination.

The sumptuous Flounder with Olive Oil came with Mashed Organic Peas, Local Carrots, and Broken Citrus Jus. The Mashed Organic Peas and Local Carrots were a tasty and thoughtful play on traditional Pea & Carrots. The Broken Citrus Jus was nice flavor accent to the delectable Flounder.

For our Dessert, we feasted on toothsome Cobbler, with Florida Strawberries, Blueberries, Fresh Herb Crust, and Lemon Mascarpone Ice Cream. Of course, the Blueberries & Strawberries were Florida grown. To highlight, our wonderful evening didn’t end there. We had Coffee – Black Panther Coffee to be exact – and it hit the spot with subtle Chocolate notes. Farmed in Brazil, the Green Coffee Beans are brought over to Florida, and roasted here.

Chef Bruno elaborated upon every aspect of our meal, showcasing his passion and love of his work.You will have an incredible and authentic experience at Chef Bruno’s Millenia 106. Here, it is all about the food, as any restaurant should be. As a bonus, you’re not going to break the bank. Marvelously done, Millenia 106 is waiting to be enjoyed. Thank you for hosting us.

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