UCF School of Visual Arts and Design film student, Alex Moore, has created a science fiction television series titled Contingency Plan, with the goal of creating opportunities for himself and his fellow classmates before graduating in 2018.

“Just as the characters in our series, it is important for us to carve out new and exciting opportunities that will take us on many adventures,” said Moore, who functions as the series showrunner.

Contingency Plan is about a team of astronauts that are sent hurtling into space on a desperate mission while their families are left to fend for themselves on a virus-stricken Earth. While on course to their first destination however, a serious malfunction sends their ship drastically off course.

With the Central Florida film industry continuing to grow, Moore hopes to pull in additional resources to bring this project to fruition.

“This is a big project and we will need support from a lot of people. For the parts of the pilot episode that we will film in Orlando, we will be collaborating local hair and makeup artists, production designers, set building teams, and stunt coordinators.”

With the pilot episode written, Moore is creating a teaser to shop to potential investors and producers. During his recent summer internship with PCH Films in Los Angeles, Moore had the opportunity to pitch studio head, James Keach.

“Pitching Mr. Keach gave me more insights into what I will really need to do to pitch the show to large companies. It also boosted my confidence that pitching this to a network, such as HBO, is possible.”

For more information about Alex Moore and Contingency Plan, please visit https://www.contingencyplanshow.com.

About Alex Moore

Moore currently attends the University of Central Florida and is poised to graduate in 2018 with his BFA in Film and a minor in entrepreneurship. Since he began college in 2014, he has been involved in creating over 20 short films and has started two web series: Expanding Horizons and Cutthroat Cinema.