Dining at Kuro is both an exquisite and unforgettable experience. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood harbors this gorgeous must stop in South Florida –  a star of the South Florida dining scene.

Ambiance & Décor

The ambiance and décor of Kuro enhances a wonderful evening out. The stylish, elegant, and oceanic-inspired décor has a gentle cream color palette throughout. This soft color provides a calming ambiance, while the DJ creates a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. During certain evenings, the patio doors will be opened to unveil the turquoise waters of the Hard Rock Pool & Waterfall.

Dinner at Kuro

At Kuro, you can choose the journey you wish your palate to make – or you can take excellent recommendations from the staff. Either way, you won’t go wrong at this incredible restaurant. We enjoyed a plethora of delights – some choices we made ourselves and others that were recommended to us by our server Andrew. We suggest truly taking into account what your server recommends, as they turned out to be some of our favorite dishes of the evening.


To accompany our meal, we chose an ‘earthy & rustic’ sake from the extensive sake menu – Ama No To “Heaven’s Door” Tokubetsu. Accurately described as floral, slightly dry, and earthy; this rich and wonderful sake was the perfect accompaniment to our meal. Your server can help you decide on what sake may best suit your tastebuds to accompany your meal, but the menu provides a thorough and helpful description of each sake.


We started our meal with Tuna Crispy Rice, Seared Salmon Sashimi, and Whitefish Sashimi from the Chilled section of the menu. The Tuna Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna and Osetra Caviar is a favorite. The light texture of the Tuna and Caviar rests so effortlessly on the crunchy bed of Crispy Rice; creating a fun combination of soft & crisp texture with a flavorful punch.

The Seared Salmon Sashimi with Apple Chutney, Japanese 12 – Spice Creamy Sesame is delightfully arrayed on the plate, tempting you to dive right in. Don’t underestimate the Spice Creamy Sesame, which adds a smooth kick to the succulent Salmon.

Next, we reveled in the Whitefish Sashimi, with Soy Lime Gel, Crispy Shallots, and Szechuan Sauce. The Whitefish Sashimi is not only pretty to look at, but something to let your tastebuds behold. This item from the Chilled section is a definite must.

Kuro Nigiri

Further on, we chose House Smoked Trout and Tuna Nigiri as we furthered our luxurious journey into the tastes of Kuro. House Smoked Trout with Shiso, Yuzu Koshi Aioli and Tuna with Truffle Tofu were a nigiri-lovers dream come true. Each piece bursted forth with both light and rich flavors.

Sea & Land 

To complete our journey, we chose one item from the Sea & one from the Land: Wagyu Beef Nigiri with Spicy Sauce and Chilean Sea Bass Miso. The Wagyu Beef Nigiri with Spicy Sauce is a delightful foray for many. The savory Wagyu Beef is highlighted by the Spicy Sauce, presenting a unique and elegant dish.

Chilean Sea Bass Miso with Pickled Lotus Root & Tamamiso is a show-stopper at Kuro. If there is any dish you must simply try at Kuro, it would have to be the Chilean Sea Bass Miso. Each bite transports you to another dimension. We’re not sure what magic is concocted by the Chef or what Gods the Chef is appeasing – but please don’t stop. We were in heaven.

Kuro is an unbeatable dining experience – definitely one for the books. Thank you for hosting us. We recommend you make your reservation today.

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