See the Hilarious, Fresh and Lively New Comedy Group Who Are Taking Improv and Comedy to the Next Level at Their Kickoff Performance Opening Night at the Central Florida Improv Fest

Get ready to laugh out loud Central Florida.  “Before Ghosts Comedy” is set to introduce their one-of-a-kind improv and comedy shtick to the Orlando community at the Central Florida Improv Fest on Friday, March 9 at 10pm.  With their combined witty, entertaining and personal touches to their performances and innate ability to tell compelling narratives based on their own passions for comedy, entertainment and performing, Before Ghosts Comedy will take the stage and amuse their audience with a selection of intriguing real life stories, jokes and visual mediums all intertwined, making it an unforgettable experience for any spectators.

Before Ghosts was cultivated by a group of six friends and natural born comedians Kyle Brandon, Deanna Schaekel, Ben Bush, Jordy Martin, Melanie Leon and Daniel Pacchioni, who bonded over their ability to comedically  express concepts, characters and situations and effortlessly bring them to the stage.  The talented group of colleagues pride themselves on being able to write, produce, perform and develop engaging anecdotes that grip their audiences’ attention, bringing them on a comedic adventure with them.  Combining their cosmic talent together as one, they bring an undeniably unique expression of comedy to the Orlando community.

“‘Before Ghosts’ means life, and we want to give new life and experiences, refresh and reinvigorate the comedy scene in Central Florida,” says Daniel Pacchioni.  “It’s been exciting to come together with friends and do what we all love most together.  We are excited for folks to come check us out for the first time at the Central Florida Improv Fest, and we hope for many more Before Ghosts performances in the future.”

See “Before Ghosts Comedy” live on stage on Friday, March 9 at 10pm at the Central Florida Improv Fest presented by the AdLib Theatre at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts located at 1905 Kentucky Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789.  Tickets start at $10.  To purchase, go to For more information on Before Ghosts Comedy, visit