Red is a power color. Indeed, the color red is one of the first things you will notice when you walk into The Boheme, as it stylishly flows throughout the décor of the restaurant. It is a good indication of what lies ahead of you – a dining experience at an established and trusted Downtown beacon. One of the many strong suits of The Boheme is the customer service. Here, you are looked after the way you hope to be looked after – case in point our outstanding server Roberto.


We started our evening with two cocktails: the Cloud Nine and Georgia’s Spice. They were actually suggested by our server Roberto, and they were exactly what we would have ordered for ourselves. The Cloud Nine cocktail, described as floral and exotic, is truly such. The Cloud Nine cocktail consisted of a Lychee infused Covington Sweet Potato Vodka, St. Germain, Simple Syrup, Mint, and Lime. The minty fresh cocktail was an unexpected surprise. With a touch of Lychee, it left a heavenly and delicate aftertaste. Feel free to eat the Lychee fruit as you would an olive in a martini. We suggest that you at least take a bite out of it.


The Georgia’s Spice, described as bold & boozy, is another accurate description. With Buffalo Trace, Disaronno Amaretto, Vanilla Clove, and Lemon, this cocktail is tough and lovable.


Our first arrival was the Kessler Crab Cake, with Organic Arugula, Basil Oil, Remoulade, and Grilled Lemon. This Crab Cake was the ideal Crab Cake – delicate, rich, and light.


For our second appetizer, we chose the Pot Steamed European Mussels with Garlic, Shallots, Parsley, Chives, Butter, and a French Baguette. The broth possesses a nice, subtle spiciness. The mussels were sapid and piquant.



For our entrèes, we chose the Center Cut Pork Chop and Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre. Both the Pork Chop and Beef were seasoned with a rub consisting of multiple herbs and spices, including a touch of coffee, which added to the stellar taste of the Pork Chop and Beef. These elements enhanced the flavor of both dishes, which were already flavorsome.

The Center Cut Pork Chop was accompanied by French Lentils with Carrot & Squash, Dijon & Carpano White Vermouth Sauce, and Blueberry Mustard Chutney. The dish was a wonderful combination of sweet and savory.


The Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre with Deluze VS Cognac, Roasted Mushrooms, and HP Green Peppercorn Sauce was complimented with Gorgonzola Yukon Mash. The ever so subtle bite of the Gorgonzola in the Yukon Mash added to the moreishness of the dish.



We tried each of the desserts on the Magical Dining Menu: Pistachio Gelato, Milk Chocolate Cheese Cake, and Warm Caramel Lava Cake. Each were dynamite.

The Pistachio Gelato, with Small Batch Grenadine and Tuile Cookie was bedecked with Brandied Cherries, which were succulent.


The Milk Chocolate Cheese Cake with Ron Zacapa Vanilla Sauce and Graham Cracker Crust Crumble was inventive and scrumptious. We also enjoyed the unique presentation of the Cheese Cake.


The Warm Caramel Lava Cake with Almond Flour, White Chocolate & Butter Caramel Cake, Dutch Stroopwafel, and Caramel Cointreau Noir Sauce was classic and first-rate.


Due to the excellent reputation of The Boheme and the prime location, it has become a frequent for theatre-goers both prior to and after shows at Dr. Phillips, and understandably so. This is very similar to Times Square/Midtown/Theatre District restaurants in Manhattan. The restaurant fluctuates accordingly to account and accommodate for the time restraints of the theatre-goers. We recommend the Boheme any day of the week, whether you are attending a show, an Orlando City Game, or just a evening out. Thank you for hosting us. The Boheme Restaurant is outstanding, charming, and involved. Chef Laurent Hollaender’s Magical Dining Menu reflects these qualities, and The Boheme’s Magical Dining Menu is a must.

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