Meandering around the lakeside sculpture garden of the Polasek Museum is reminiscent of the Rodin Museum in Paris. This idyllic location combined with the stunning work of Czech-born American sculptor Albin Polasek is a refreshing glimpse into the artist’s life, as the museum grounds were the actual of home of Albin Polasek. Enjoy the splendor of the sculptures. For more information, including an inspirational insight into the artist, click here.

“I am like a piece of rock which has been bro­ken off of the Carpathian Moun­tains in the heart of Czecho­slo­va­kia. Later this crude stone was trans­ported to the Land of the Free: the United States of Amer­ica. This block of stone was myself. Through the oppor­tu­ni­ties that this coun­try gave me, I started to carve out my des­tiny, to free myself from the rock so that I might be use­ful. No one knows the deep grat­i­tude I feel for all that I have received. So if, as an immi­grant, I have been able to con­tribute to some small part of Amer­i­can life, I know that I owe it to the oppor­tu­ni­ties this coun­try has afforded me.” -Albin Polasek